12 Writing And Editing Tools To Write Content For Readers And Optimize For Google

It can take a lot of hard work and effort to get your readers onto your page – so once they’re there, don’t let them go easily. With content that’s interesting and engaging you can help hook your readers in and keep them wanting more. But do not forget about optimizing your content for Google as this will allow you to spread your words among wider audience. Here are a dozen of tools to help you create content that achieves both goals – engaging your readers and impressing Google with accurate and unique content.

1. Blog Topic Generator

When you’ve run out of ideas – and that’s likely to happen – let this generator get the creative juices flowing again. With all of the content you’ll need to create, chances are you’ll hit a roadblock along the way. Get over that obstacle and keep your content flowing with the blog topic generator.

2. Title Generator
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The headline for your content is one of the most important things you can write – arguably the most important thing. A large majority of readers won’t even read past the headline, so you’ve got to make sure it’s so engaging that they can’t help but clicking to read more. This Title Generator can help you when you’re fresh out of ideas.

3. Assignment Help

Quality content is what most readers are in search of. Help put forward premium content they’ll be interested in and impressed by, with the help of Australian Help’s grammar checkers. When you can offer your readers content that’s well written, you’ll inspire confidence and trust from them.

4. Essayroo

Proofreading is an essential step in the writing process and having someone else proofread your work is always the best idea. Chances are, you won’t catch all of the mistakes you’ve made – either because you don’t know they’re mistakes, or because you’ve gone blind to them after looking at them for so long. So, let someone else do the work for you. Essayroo can get your content proofread by a professional, so you can be sure you’re putting out high quality, error-free content for your readers.

5. Title Maker

Have some fun with this Title Maker and get ideas for quirky, eye catching and attention grabbing titles for your content. Just plug in your topic, and see what wacky ideas you’ll get!

6. Hemingway App

One thing that’s almost sure to turn your readers off is content that’s full of mistakes. So, keep errors far away from your writing with the help of Hemingway App. Run your content through this tool to get a color coded listing of the mistakes that need fixing and some suggestions for improvements.

7. Academized

No one ever wants to be accused of plagiarism – it can totally and utterly destroy your credibility, and cause your readers to lose all of their trust in what you say. Even if the accusations are untrue, once you’ve been accused, the damage is done. Avoid this situation altogether with the help of Academized’s plagiarism checker.

8. Readability Score

Write your content above the comprehension of your audience, and they’ll quickly tune you out for something more understandable. Give them content that’s below what they’re anticipating, and they won’t take you seriously. What you’ve got to do is meet them right in the middle, and with the Readability Score, you can accurately measure where your content sits on the comprehension scale.

9. Law essay help

With all of the content you’ll need to be producing, it can definitely get overwhelming. When you need some help with content creation, call on the experts at Boom Essays to give you a hand. Their professional team of writers will help you compose content that’s relevant, topical and engaging for your readers.

10. ProWritingAid

Working within your word processor, ProWritingAid helps you edit as you go, so you don’t have to spend extra time afterwards going through your work. You’ll get real time suggestions for corrections and improvements, so you can quickly make the necessary changes and keep working. When you’re on a roll with your writing, you don’t want to have to stop to edit – with this tool, you won’t have to.

11. Ginger

This powerful editing software can save you time and help you reduce the errors throughout your content. Download it to any of your devices, so you can use it to work anywhere and at any time, even if you’re out on the go. The personalized features of this software also make it much more fun to work, with colorful keyboard and emoji options.

12. Write my essay

A huge part of writing is proofreading and editing, as no one can write the perfect paper on their first try. You can send your writing off to qualified writers, who can proofread it for them, quickly. You’ll then get back the work, just edited so the grammar flows correctly.

Don’t let your hard work go up in flames, by losing the readers you’ve worked so hard to get. Keep them engaged in what you’ve got to say, with the help of these writing and editing tools, that’ll give you the resources to create interesting content that will want them to keep on reading.

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12 Writing and Editing Tools to Write Content for Readers and Optimize For Google
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