Easy Apple Cake: Russian Charlotte Russe Recipe

Traditional charlotte russe is an elegant molded dessert set off by lady fingers positioned vertically around the perimeter (in fact, there are special pans designed to achieve this culinary piece of architecture.

A Russian Charlotte (Sharlotka), though, is much simpler to make, does not require a special pan, is delicious and is similarly impressive due to its light, airy appearance. The word "Russe" is French for "Russian," so the dessert name is slightly redundant, but no matter - the flavor will capture your taste buds, no matter what the name!

Some people refer to this dessert as a Russian apple pie because its single-layered profile, especially when prepared in a springform pan, resembles a pie. However, it requires very little flour (so does not have the carbohydrates found in pie crust) and once removed from the pan, it stands alone, like a cake.

The recipe can be made denser with fruit by adding more apples. When the eggs are beaten until very frothy, the crust or cake part of the dessert almost has the consistency of meringue.
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For the best 'effect,' use a springform pan. Charlotte Russe with lady fingers can be made in a molded pan (both are shown here), but don't hesitate to use whatever baking pan you have on hand - it will still taste great!

Source : https://delishably.com/desserts/Easy-Apple-Cake-Russian-Charlotte-Russe

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