Enough Is Enough: Nicole Scherzinger And Others Star In Moving Charity Video Addressing Conflicts In Syria

Nicole Scherzinger, Jude Law and others band together for an emotional video for the charity War Child, telling the story of 17-year-old Syrian girl Fatima and her traumatic experiences at the hands of terrorists in her hometown. The promo is part of the new Enough Is Enough campaign.

Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger gets involved with War Child charity video

Celebrities including actors Jude Law and Carey Mulligan, comedian Michael McIntyre, and musicians Sam Smith, James Bay, Marcus Mumford and Nicole Scherzinger recount the story of one teenager living in Syria who was forced to uproot with her family and move across the border in a new video for War Child UK.

'Once we came to Jordan, life was very depressing', reads War Child Global Ambassador Carey in the moving account. 'We were like flowers or roses pulled from their place and thrown into the desert.' The stars go on to described how Fatima had no choice but to try and continue life in the cramped refugee camps, but it wasn't long before tragedy struck and she discovered that her beloved brother had been killed.
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'It is a day I will never forget. Someone we knew came to tell us', cites Sam Smith. ''I am sorry for your loss. Omar has died'', James Bay continues.

'We only ask you for one thing', Fatima herself says at the end of the video, in her mothertongue. 'Try to end the war soon for us because we are tired.'

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The war in Syria is now in its seventh year and millions of teenagers and children like Fatima have been struck by tragedy and forced to change their lifestyle. Even in her situation she considers herself one of the lucky ones. It's estimated that up to 55,000 children have been killed in the conflicts since 2011.

War Child are urging people to donate, start fundraisers and sign their latest petition urging local politicians to start thinking about devising a clear plan to bring these atrocities to an end.

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Enough Is Enough: Nicole Scherzinger And Others Star In Moving Charity Video Addressing Conflicts In Syria
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