Find The Stylist Approved Solution For Your Combination Hair

I've always had straight hair, and lots of it. Even the most shellacked barrel curls would fall out of my superfine lengths, and I have the bridesmaid photos to prove it. From a styling perspective, my hair, which until recently had never even seen a heat tool, was almost too healthy. Then came an experiment to find my perfect color last spring, and a subsequent gauntlet of dyeing and bleaching. Oh, the bleaching. Five times in under two months—which meant a new color almost every other week. My colorist, a man who's ushered supermodels from dark to platinum and back in three days, begged me to take a break, with faint assurances that I could contemplate bleach again in six months or so.

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My formerly virgin hair was now trash. But: Baby had body! Drawing my palm up the side of my temples like some 1940s screen star fluffing her curls gave my new roughed-up, bedhead-like texture a volume that before would have deflated almost immediately.

And then the breakage set in.

I'd been given strict orders to coddle the final color, a deep brown, with frequent deep conditionings, trims, and touch-ups with gloss that would coat the platinum-ravaged strands with color. I nodded obediently, kissed my colorist good-bye (we'd clocked hours together, after all), and then spent my entire summer diving under saltwater waves, sweating in the sun, and ignoring his reprimanding DMs in response to my Instagram Stories. The entirety of my self-care consisted of haphazardly slapping on a rotation of deep-conditioning hair masks snagged from the beauty closet at work, or dousing my hair in coconut oil and then settling in, towel-headed, for a night of Netflix.
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