Lena Dunham Claps Back At Perez Hilton’s Fashion Shaming Instagram

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Lena Dunham has no time for haters, especially when they’re criticizing her fashion choices. The Girls creator is known for a lot of things, chief among them, her mind. Clothing doesn’t seem to be a priority for her, and in no way does it need to be. Recently Coco Perez, the fashion section of Perez Hilton recently posted a photo of Dunham on Instagram with the caption “Fill in the blank! @LenaDunham”

Fill In The Blank! @LenaDunham ____________.

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Then, Coco Perez posted a photo from the Human Rights Campaign dinner with the caption, “Nice to see her trying!”

Nice to see her trying! @LenaDunham at the @HumanRightsCampaign #HRCLADinner on Saturday. PerezHilton.com/LenaDunham

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Dunham commented on the photo saying, “I try at a lot of things. Mostly I try at being a writer, director, actor, activist, friend, sibling, partner, godmother…fashion is fun but sometimes I’d rather not spend 3 hours and lots of cash I could give to charity or spend on books and food to get ready to go out.”

Lena posted this on our last photo. Well-said! PerezHilton.com/LenaDunham

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As far as the “caption this” photo goes, Dunham says she looks at it and sees a “day well spent.” Coco Perez posted a screen shot of the comment on Instagram and wrote, “Well said!”

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