The 10 Best Places To Retire Overseas In 2017

Pau, France

  © surogati/iStockphoto/Getty Images   France is a country of superlatives. It's known for its high quality of life, excellent health care, rich food and cutting edge art and fashion. It is among the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. To many people, living in France is the definition of a good life, and the charms and appeals of French country life are unrivaled. In this context, consider Pau, which is known as the "Green City" and the "Garden City," thanks to its ratio of greenery per square meter per person, one of the highest of any European city. 

Pau's landscape is accessible woodlands, the steep slopes of Jurançon wine country, the history-packed Plaine de Nay and its main town of Nay and the pretty rolling countryside and ancient towns of the Gaves de Béarn. Pau is also a university town, with close to 12,000 university students living on and off campus, helping to keep it lively. Brits and other North Europeans have been seeking out this part of France for retirement for years. The area includes a friendly bunch of people with a wide range of backgrounds and interests who are always ready to welcome newcomers.

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