These Are The 14 Female Led Startups In WiSTEM's Latest (and Largest) Cohort

Since launching in 2015, WiSTEM, the 1871-based accelerator for female-founded startups, has graduated 38 companies that have created nearly 200 jobs and raised nearly $10 million in funding.

And they're hoping to boost those numbers with their fourth cohort, which will be their largest to date.

WiSTEM and 1871 announced 14 startups will be a part of their fourth cohort (the past cohort had 12 startups). These founders will go through a 12 week program that centers around technology, community and access to capital. Founders attend leadership sessions on business topics, share challenges and successes in knowledge-sharing sessions and receive training in fundraising and pitching. Due to new funding from JP Morgan Chase Co, WiSTEM will host three cohorts in 2017.

“1871’s WiSTEM program continues to produce opportunities and foster growth of women-owned businesses,” said Jessica Williams and Nicole Yeary, co-facilitators of the WiSTEM program, in a statement.
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“WiSTEM as a program continues to thrive, creating an environment where these women-led businesses form a supportive community as they grow," they added. "We are thrilled at the progress the businesses have made and look forward to expanding and extending the reach of the program further into the community.”

Here's a look at the latest WiSTEM cohort.

AerialSpaces, founded by Tiffany Mikell, is an app that the startup describes as the "the Facebook Live for educators and the for online educational events." The platform hosts live video and an education marketplace, with the promise of boosting engagement for remote learners.

Thriveosity, founded by Ritu Trivedi-Purohit, is a subscription gift box service for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. It provides goods that both boost a recipient's spirits while providing tools needed to survive beyond a cancer diagnosis, the startup says. 

Thriveosity is a subscription gift box service for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers >

GoNanny, founded by Patrice Darby, is a rideshare service for children. They provide drivers with at least three years of professional experience, who have passed their 22 point vetting system and complete their in-house training. GoNanny also provides a digital platform with premium features so parents can customize rides and care.

CurlMix, founded by Kimberly Lewis, is a monthly subscription service that sends customers five to seven all-natural ingredients, along with step-by-step instructions, to mix their own hair products.

Sparkl, founded by Lisa Souter, is an on-demand waterless, eco-friendly car wash. Users can order a wash at any time through the Sparkl app, and their cleaning professionals will wash a car wherever it is located.

InReach, founded by Angela Rivera, is a college readiness platform that connects prospective and current college students through text, phone and video chat.

Genivity, founded by Heather Holmes,  is a health-focused financial planning platform that helps affluent customers and their children plan for a sudden health crisis and chronic conditions.

Lystr, founded Kara Scanlin, is a connected grocery list. Users can swipe a product barcode across the device or state a command ("Hey Lyster, add bananas") and it will be added to their shareable list, and this list can also connect with Lystr's partners for grocery delivery or pickup.  

Leche Libre is an apparel brand focused on empowering women to breastfeed when they want  >

Leche Libre, founded by Andrea Newberry, is an apparel brand focused on empowering women to breastfeed when they want or wherever they go ("in effortless style," the startup adds). Their designs include zippers along the bust for simple and discreet breastfeeding access.

VectorScient, founded by Vedavathi Konduru, is a cloud-based platform for e-commerce and retail companies to send effective email and marketing operations. They create hyper-targeted campaigns, through analyzing customer information and using machine learning to create accurate predictions of customer behavior.

Find Your Ditto, founded by Brianna Wolin, is a mobile platform that connect people living with the same chronic illness for on-demand, peer-to-peer support, with a goal of battling depression and isolation in chronic illness communities.

Purse Strings, LLC, founded by Barbara Provost, is a financial education platform that aims to help women make smart financial decisions, as well as inform insurance and financial professionals on how to engage the female market.

Semiautomatic Semiotics, founded by Zenah Khawaja, creates consumer-facing augmented and virtual reality for brick-and-mortar retailers.

Noirefy, founded by Shaniqua Davis, is a minority referral platform that was built to connect job candidates from underrepresented backgrounds to employment opportunities.

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